Frequently Asked Questions


1. We want to use one phone number on our flyer but we don’t want to share our personal number? 

Your safety is a priority as you’re providing assistance to those in your community. Try using one of the following free platforms to host a number and call for free: 

Text Now - free number, wifi calling

WhatsApp - wifi calling w/signup 

Talkatone - free number, wifi calling

2. I have community members who speak languages other than English. How do I help? 

The team is working on creating translations for flyers and communications groups may use. Every member of the community is impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

3. I’m not sure how to help. I’m anxious about this whole Pandemic especially with the recent death tolls in Italy 

We are also seeking to support those facing anxiety during this time of isolation. Community support is vital for all of us during this pandemic, especially those who have mental health conditions. 

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Covid-19 Mutual Aid USA is a support network for people organizing in their communities. We are not directly affiliated with local groups and are not accountable for their activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Covid-19 Mutual Aid is run by volunteers. We're community members and groups wanting to support the most vulnerable with errands, information, and support. For up to date medical advice you should check the CDC website for further announcements.

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